The weather outside is frightful, and winter wildlife find your home oh so delightful. Avoid a home invasion during the colder months, and prevent pests this winter season.



There are 44 species of bats native to the United States. These nocturnal animals hibernate during the winter months, and often seek refuge in homeowners’ attics and shutters. Bats can be humanely removed from all types of commercial and residential buildings. Here at Ace Wildlife, we don’t harm the bats – our team performs an “exclusion” followed by a “bat proofing”. Removing bats from a home or building involves installing exclusion devices at the bat entry points. Caulking is also a great way to prevent bat invasion in your home.



Birds, such as the Starling, are aggressive and destructive. They will enter your home through any known opening to seek refuge from the cold winter weather. In addition to sealing off points of entry, your chimney should be sealed with a chimney cap to further protect against this species. If you find birds in your home, your wildlife control experts can quickly identify and rehome them, as well as identify points of entry posing a threat to your privacy. An exclusion service is your best solution to keeping birds outside, and away from your home.



Mice are known to seek shelter in the warmth of your home during the cold winter season. The tiniest crack allows these creatures to enter your home. Exclusion and repair services will identify and fix potential entry points, eliminating wildlife issues within your home. In addition, be sure to eliminate food and water sources by tightly sealing foods and keeping your kitchen area clutter free.



Raccoons often use their nimble hands to make their way into your home. They are known to create a lot of damage, but can be prevented from inhabiting your home or property. At Ace, we create a plan of action to prevent and remove current nuisance raccoons as needed. Exclusion and repair service in combination with live trapping will ensure raccoons are humanely rehomed, keeping your attic, home, and yard safe from costly damage.



Squirrels are known to create a home of their own in your attic space. Once they make themselves at home, the damage begins – chewing of electrical wires, insulation damage, and disrupting noises. Your best line of defense is to enlist the help of a professional wildlife control service to perform an exclusion. Here at Ace, we use products like drip edge, gutter guards, flashing, and other methods to seal the problem and keep animals out, saving you time and money in the long run.


Whether its bats, birds, or something in between, your wildlife control service is here to keep your home pest-free this winter season.