Winter is coming. And the coolest pests on the block are looking for a place to party!

While the overwhelming majority of nature’s children are quite comfortable in caves, trees and burrows, some of them are looking for a bit more urban setting. Some place with atmosphere and warmth, a selection of delicious foods, enticing beverages and a kickin’ sound system! We’re talking about your home!

Shelter, food and water is all they need to survive and they can get all three inside your house. So.. are you open for business this winter?

If you’d rather not hire a DJ and a bartender for the next two and a half months, here are a few simple steps you can take to keep your castle secure and varmint free!

  1. Keep food tightly sealed: Be sure that any food is in an air tight sealed container. This will prevent pests from easily locating your food.
  2. Find and fix leaky pipes: Take your time and be sure none of your plumbing or gutters are leaking. Easy access to water is a sure way to attract both insects and mammals.
  3. Make it “air tight”: Okay, so maybe not AIR TIGHT but, sealing up any cracks, holes or gaps on the outside of your house will help send these unwelcome guests to your neighbors place. Check around windows, doors, vents and piping.
  4. Trim up those hedges: Any trees, shrubs or foliage that are close to the exterior of your house should be cut back. Wildlife like squirrels and raccoons can easily use these as a route to the inside!
  5. Relocate your firewood: Keep the wood away from entrances to your house. Seems like a huge pain in the cold winter months, but piles of firewood are an ideal staging point for a sneaky invasion!
  6. Call Ace Wildlife Control: Remember an ounce of prevention is worth two in the bush! Or something like that… A professional can help you look for possible weaknesses in your home’s defenses, make suggestions for repairs and even place some preemptive traps or baits to keep out the worst of the pest world.

These steps (in any order, we don’t judge here!) can go a long way toward wildlife exclusion in the winter months. Ideally, this can help you avoid a spring full of wildlife REMOVAL! Give Ace Wildlife Control a call at (615) 921-1479 to schedule your inspection!