What happens when wildlife runs amok? You call in the wildlife control experts for your exclusion services. Ace Wildlife is dedicated to safe, humane practices. We remove wildlife from your property, and help ensure they will not return.

Need to call in the experts? We are here to answer your questions about what exclusion services entail and why it is your best line of defense.

      What is an “exclusion service”?

An exclusion service is the humane approach to pest-control. The services utilize techniques that remove intrusive animals, and prevent their return to your home or business. The goal is to keep wildlife in the wild, and your home safe and pest-free.

      How do you inspect and identify wildlife?

Trained experts work to identify wildlife patterns and points of entry to remove the problem, and create a solution to eliminate future issues.

      What does an exclusion service entail?

After identifying the points of entry, the proper products such as drip edge, gutter guards, and flashing are used. These methods assist in keeping family in, and critters out!

      How are animals removed from my property?

If animals need to be removed, humane traps may be used to catch critters, and relocate them to a safer space. Unlike many wildlife companies, Ace Wildlife charges per job, instead of per animal. This ensures the job is done right the first time.

      How do you remove snakes?

Ace Wildlife utilizes safe and humane snake removal practices. We remove the snakes that cause problems, and have a monthly snake program to keep them away for good.

      What animals can be excluded?

A wide range of animals can be removed via exclusion services. The most common include: raccoons, squirrels, moles, snakes, birds, possums, chipmunks, and foxes.

Whether you have raccoons, snakes, or anything in between, Ace Wildlife Control is your Middle Tennessee exclusion service experts. If you are in need of exclusion services, be sure to call your local experts.