The small mouse-like rodent, known as a vole, can be found throughout Eastern Tennessee.

The small rodent is known for its stocky body and short legs, as well as small ears and eyes. Dark brown fur covers its body until winter, where it turns dark gray. Their size ranges between 3.5 – 7 inches in length, and they weigh 0.75 – 2.25 ounces. Voles are active throughout the day, especially during early morning hours.

The vole’s diet consists primarily of leaves, stems, roots, flowers, and plants. On occasion, they will eat crayfish, snails, and insects.

Voles can be found in low, moist fields consisting of thick grass. They can also be found on roadsides, in marshes, and close to streams and fields. Voles operate above ground runways and underground tunnel systems, where they spend most of their time. Unlike moles, their tunnels do not leave any mounds. They will build nests of dry grass either above or below ground.

The vole will reproduce at almost any time of year, but March through November is the most common time. They have the potential of breeding up to 12 times a year. A typical liter size is 3 – 5, but can be between 1 – 7 pups. Newborns experience rapid growth, and are considered adults by 3 months of age.

Voles have the ability to negatively affect your landscaping, lawn, and crops. If you have a vole problem, give Ace a call for a comprehensive humane remediation service.