Hearing the sound of little rodent feet in your walls, eaves, or attic?


Twice a year, in late summer and winter, squirrels have a litter of very cute little ones. The bad news? Your attic is an ideal nesting site. Squirrels love attics! They find an opening near the roof or chew their way inside, and set up a nest. The good news? Ace Wildlife Control is here to help with our squirrel exclusion & relocation services!

(A hole chewed by squirrel to gain access to attic and build nest. Photo: Lyon Media)

Make no mistake, squirrels will investigate your attic, and if there’s a way in, they will claim it. Having squirrels in your attic will not only cause lots of noise above, but also damage to your home. Our team found a few different nests that had been built underneath the roof line.

(Squirrels nest made by chewing under roofing. Photo: Lyon Media)

While protecting people, pets and property, we believe the lives of animals are important as well. The Ace Wildlife Control team resolves issues with compassion and respect for the value of life – all life, and the environment. The methods we use don’t inflict unnecessary stress, separate mothers from young, or move animals from their home-territory. That’s why we use non-lethal one-way traps and keep families together before relocating them a more natural habitat that doesn’t involve your attic or roof.

(A one-way trap for squirrel exclusion on an attic entrance. Photo: Lyon Media)

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