Squirrels are crafty climbers, can chew through nearly anything, and are always looking to upgrade their nest. This makes them tricky to keep out, and if a squirrel does manage to gain entry to your garage, home or attic, it can do considerable and costly damage.

This home owner found that out after returning from vacation last year: 


The problem with recognizing that you have some squirrel guests in your home is, unless you’re able to identify damage and entry points into the attic, you may not know that they’re getting in. To help identify issues before they become BIG problems, the Ace Wildlife Control Team has put together a few helpful signs to look for:

  • Those scratching, jumping and scurrying noises in the ceiling? Usually squirrels.

  • If you smell a strange foul odor, it may be squirrels. These little critters can sometime get trapped in between walls, chimneys and other tight spots. Unfortunately, if they die, things get can pretty smelly fairly quickly.

  • See a water stain on your ceiling? It might not be a water stain. The longer squirrels live in your attic, the more they leave (we know its gross) feces and urine buildup. This waste buildup can eventually become one giant, expensive headache. When it does, the insulation and wood in the attic will need to be replaced and the entire area that’s affected needs to be cleaned and decontaminated.

  • Damage to roofing, gutters, eaves, siding or outer-panels. Did you know squirrels can chew through metal? Their chewing power is not to be underestimated. Especially as temperatures drop, if they’re determined to get in, they can chew through just about anything.

If you notice any of these signs in your home, it’s time to give Ace Wildlife Control a call for your free inspection. Our highly-trained, humane wildlife specialists have the tools and know-how to remove the squirrel or squirrel family safely, relocate them to their natural habitat, and then use industry leading exclusion techniques to make sure you don’t play host to any more furry travelers.

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