Did you know that moles have the ability to dig one foot of shallow tunnel per minute?

We’re getting lots of calls about moles tearing up yards lately, so we thought it’d be good to talk about these little excavators. If you’ve been noticing a series of 3-to-5 inch rounded, raised ridges breaking the surface of your lawn with tiny dirt volcanoes, or raised surface tunnels, you officially now have a mole problem.


The majority of calls we receive about moles are from homeowners bothered by their lawn or garden getting dug up and damaged, but there’s another issue that can come from these mole tunnels. Moles don’t like to share their tunnels with other moles, so they each dig their own network in search of food. Sometimes, other critters like voles, pocket gophers and even rats will invade mole tunnels, creating a whole new set of problems. Our team of experienced wildlife control experts utilize the very latest tools & techniques for effective mole removal.



They may be pretty much blind, but moles can catch your scent in your air, and even feel when your footsteps send vibrations into the ground. If you notice tunnels or tiny dirt mounds on your property, it’s time to take back your property and call the Ace Wildlife Control Team!

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