Keep Your Yard Clean

Keeping your yard clean is a great way to prevent unwanted wildlife from coming onto your property and harming your pets. If you live on the edge of a wooded area, clear the brush from your yard to create a distinct separation between your home and the woods. If you have a dog, we suggest regularly picking up after it. Feces from one animal will attract another so if you don’t want curious animals roaming your yard, make sure to consistently pick up your dog’s droppings.

Store Pet Food Inside

The Ace Wildlife Control team highly suggests feeding your pets inside. Leaving food or water bowls outside only invites nuisance animals to roam your property. If you still prefer to feed your pets outside, feed them during the day. Most wildlife animals are nocturnal and come out at night to eat. If there are leftovers in the food bowl make sure to take them inside at night. Additionally, although it may be tempting to feed wildlife like deer, you can unknowingly attract other kinds of wildlife to your property as well. Please only feed your domestic pets.

Keep Pets Indoors At Night

Many nuisance animals are active at night. Keeping pets indoors during the nighttime hours will help keep them safe from rabid raccoons and other aggressive animals. During the day, it is also wise to keep your pets in an enclosed space. Some wildlife control experts suggest using certain fencing to keep nuisance animals from breaching your property line and invading the space of domestic animals. Additionally, make sure to use a leash when walking your pets, especially if you live in a thickly wooded area. This will keep your pets from running off and chasing potentially dangerous wildlife.

If you’ve determined that nuisance wildlife is living in your home or on your property, it’s time to call the Ace Wildlife Control team. We can safely and humanely remove unwanted nuisance wildlife from your home that may be potentially threatening to your pets, or even yourself.

Coming into contact with nuisance animals can be very dangerous for both pets and humans, especially if they are rabid or sick. Wildlife control is a serious matter and you can effectively keep your pets safe and happy by taking the above precautions. If your pet somehow does get injured by a wild animal, Ace Wildlife Control suggests calling your veterinarian immediately.

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