Ace Wildlife Control provides several different commercial wildlife control services to ensure your property is free from nuisance wildlife issues. Explore our range of services and contact us today if you need help reclaiming your property.

Commercial Rodent Control

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Rodents are a common cause for concern when it comes to commercial wildlife control. Rats carry thousands of diseases and can be a death sentence for restaurants, clinics, hotels and many other kinds of businesses. Once inside a commercial location, rodents cause extreme amounts of property damage by leaving behind droppings, chewing through walls and populating at a very fast rate. Nuisance rodents will also chew on wiring, creating dangerous fire hazards for employees, business owners and consumers. Ace Wildlife Control provides rodent control packages for businesses of all sizes with varying needs. Our rodent control is extremely effective and includes the following:

  • Inspection

  • Trapping

  • Exclusion

  • Baiting

  • Monitoring

Commercial Bat Removal

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Bats can find their way into any business, including hospitals, schools airports and restaurants.  Commercial bat removal becomes absolutely necessary the moment one bat finds its way inside a facility. Bats flying around is not only a nuisance, but also a health concern to anyone nearby. Bat droppings (also known as guano) are an unfortunate side effect of bats living in a commercial building. The guano builds up quickly and it contains fungal particles that break down and become airborne spores, which can cause histoplasmosis. This disease is very dangerous and potentially deadly. Professional commercial wildlife control services can get rid of health hazards and awful smells associated with guano and bat infestations. Animal Remover’s effective solution for bat removal is broken down into a six-step process:

  1. Inspection

  2. Exclusion

  3. Installation of Bat Excluders

  4. Monitoring

  5. Removal of Bat Excluders

  6. Clean Up

Commercial Bird Removal

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Bird removal and management is a common request from businesses in many locations. Commercial bird pests include species such as pigeons, blackbirds, swallows and starlings; these animals, although small, can cause a large amount of damage. Bird droppings are the most common complaint but other side effects of birds flocking at commercial locations include messy nesting materials, aggressive behavior and damage to roofing and signage. Ace Wildlife Control offers a wide range of budget-friendly wildlife control solutions for nuisance birds that are are both humane and effective, resulting in a permanent solution and peace of mind for the animal-loving business owner.

Commercial Raccoon Removal


Raccoons are natural scavengers, making restaurant waste containers, bird feeders and storage sheds a prime target. Commercial raccoon removal is a necessary service that can prevent property damage to your business. Raccoons can chew, claw and dig through a variety of materials and will do everything they can to get inside your commercial building. Once successfully inside, raccoons will seek refuge in attics, under porches or inside storage sheds. They will defecate, nest and get into nearby food sources. The presence of a raccoon (potentially rabid) is very alarming for consumers and employees, which can negatively impact business at any kind of commercial location. Ace Wildlife Control provides wildlife control services for raccoon removal including:

  • trapping

  • habitat modification

  • one-way doors

  • exclusion


If you are having trouble with nuisance animals on your commercial property, contact the Ace Wildlife Control for commercial wildlife control and animal removal services today!

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