As the official wild animal of Tennessee, the common raccoon can be found throughout Middle Tennessee in areas such as Nashville, Hermitage, Murfreesboro, and Mount Juliet. Generally nocturnal, the raccoon can be found sleeping in a den comprised of a hollow tree or log.

Where Do Raccoons Live?

The raccoon is an adaptable animal that has superb climbing and swimming capabilities. They can be found in a variety of habitats associated with water, and often do most of their foraging near water.

Raccoons are also plentiful in urban areas, as food and shelter are readily available. They will eat nuts, grains, fruit, insects, frogs, crawfish, mice, bird eggs and many items found in trashcans.

What Kind of Damage Can Raccoons Cause?

Raccoons are capable of creating quite the mess ranging from your home to your yard. Raccoons that take up residence in your attic can ruin insulation in little to no time. They will also leave behind urine and feces, creating a serious health concern for you and your family. These droppings have the ability to carry Baylisascari, an infection that can lead to central nervous system damage or death.

How Do I Prevent Raccoons From Inhabiting My Property?

Your first line of defense is preventing raccoons with easy to follow steps. Prevent raccoons’ food sources by securing your trashcans. Investing in a sturdy trashcan that can be bungeed down is a great start. Keep pet food picked up and inaccessible. If there is no food source, raccoons will feel less welcomed. Next, employ scare tactics with motion-activated devices such as floodlights, ultrasonic noisemakers, and sprinkler systems.

What Do I Do If I Have Raccoons on My Property?

Whether raccoons are inhabiting your home or yard, it is best to remove them promptly to prevent damage and diseases. In order to remove raccoons, it is best to hire a professional wildlife control service, like Ace! We will create a plan of action that will include exclusion services and repair, and live trapping services to safely and humanely relocate raccoons.

Unlike many other wildlife removal services, Ace Wildlife charges per job, not per animal, as they want to ensure the job is done correctly, the first time around.

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and call in the experts for humane raccoon exclusion services that will keep raccoons away from your home and out of your life!