Burrows, tunnels, and damage – oh my! Wildlife belongs in the wild, not your garden. Create a greener garden this season! Keep wildlife out of your garden with these easy steps or by calling Ace Wildlife Experts.



Tasty treats may be drawing armadillos to your garden. Armadillos are attracted to bugs and grubs that may be residing in your garden. These creatures can wreak havoc on even the most pristine yards.

The Solution: Fencing can be a great DIY solution, but beware that armadillos are great diggers. Fencing around a garden must go several feet below the surface. Armadillo remediation is your best solution, and should be performed by a trusted wildlife control service.



Moles have the ability to create unsightly mounds throughout your yard and garden. Known for their intricate tunnel system, moles are considered a garden pest.

The Solution: For a chemical free and humane solution, begin with a natural mole repellent. If this doesn’t do the trick, trap and rehome moles in your yard. Some areas prohibit the use of traps, so leaving this up to the experts is best. Ace Wildlife gets the job done right, the first time, ensuring your yard will remain pest free.



Coyotes can be found in urban and country locations, as well as everywhere in between. These bountiful animals may destroy your garden, crops, and livestock.

The Solution: Coyotes may be deterred by loud noises or electric fences. The next step is to remove any food sources such as dog and cat food, garbage cans, and your garden, which can be fenced in. If these are not an option for you, or prove to be ineffective, trapping is next step. Take caution when trapping coyotes, as they are very cautious and will easily pick up your scent.


If keeping wildlife out of your garden drives you a bit wild, call in the experts. Your local wildlife control service has the tools to safely and humanely remove pests from your property, and keep them from coming back.

Save yourself the hassle, and call the experts today! We help protect homes across Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky!