Crawlspaces under homes offer plenty of room and protection from weather, making it an attractive place for animals to set up shop. Wildlife in your crawlspace is a serious problem, and has the potential to lead to costly damage in other areas. If an animal gets into a crawlspace, it can gain access to other parts of the house, such as air ducts and electrical wiring. Wild animals have a tendency to chew and scratch at things to make their homes, which often results in expensive repair bills.

Preventing Wildlife from Getting into Your Crawlspace

Have a crawlspace? You should take some precautions to keep wild animals out.

-First thing to do is to seal off any potential openings leading to the crawlspace. Animals can get under your home by burrowing under walls and through unsealed spaces or cracks. Carefully inspect the areas outside and inside your crawlspace for potential entry points that animals could use to gain access. Many animals can squeeze through very small holes, so look closely and seal any openings, even tiny ones.

-Rodents in particular, like to live in crawlspaces because they are moist environments. You can reduce the amount of moisture in your crawlspace by putting down a vapor barrier. This is a solid barrier, such as rubber or plastic, that is placed between the ground and the crawlspace.

-Having brush near your home, can attract wildlife. Hedges near a house can trap moisture and make the ground softer, which can attract animals and help them burrow under walls. Remove any brush and trim hedges near your house.

What to do if Wildlife is Already in Your Crawlspace

If an animal is currently living in your crawlspace, you need to get it out as fast as possible, before it moves on to another part of your house and causes damage. You should not try to catch a wild animal yourself.

Call the professionals at Ace Wildlife Control team. We will humanely live-trap the animal and release it in another area away from your house. We use environmentally friendly methods and do not utilize poisons or pesticides or harm animals in any way.

Once we’ve trapped and removed the animal, we can find the entry point it used to get into your crawlspace and seal it off with our industry leading exclusion services.


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