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Choosing the Best Wildlife Control Company

By | October 31st, 2017|Local Wildlife|

Are the local bats driving you batty or the squirrels making you go a bit squirrely? It may be time to give your local wildlife control company a call! Not sure where to start? We have the top 4 qualities to look for to find the best wildlife control in Tennessee and Kentucky. 1. Experience [...]

Rescuing Orphaned Wildlife

By | September 28th, 2017|Wildlife Exclusion|

You have found an injured or orphaned wild animal. What do you do next?   Evaluate If you see a wild animal that you believe may be in danger, evaluate the situation before making any decisions. You should not interfere unless you are certain the animal is injured, sick, or in imminent danger.   Signs [...]

Keeping Squirrels Out of Bird Feeders

By | September 12th, 2017|Blog, squirrel exclusion, squirrel removal, Squirrels, squirrels|

LOOKOUT! The Nashville native Eastern Gray squirrel is a known bird food thief. Today we are sharing 5 helpful tips to keep squirrels out of your bird feeder.   Add a Squirrel Baffle If your bird feeder hangs from a pole or structure, purchase a squirrel baffle. These easy to install guards slip over existing [...]

Nashville Nuisance: Raccoons

By | August 28th, 2017|Raccoon Removal, Raccoons|

As the official wild animal of Tennessee, the common raccoon can be found throughout Middle Tennessee in areas such as Nashville, Hermitage, Murfreesboro, and Mount Juliet. Generally nocturnal, the raccoon can be found sleeping in a den comprised of a hollow tree or log. Where Do Raccoons Live? The raccoon is an adaptable animal that [...]